Reviews of Worth Fighting For & Speaking Endorsments

Speaking Endorsements:

“Rory Fanning came to my junior U.S. history classes at CVCA High School on December 18, 2014. Rory brought what my students had learned about to life. He shared his experiences in the military with the students while patiently answering their questions and explaining what he experienced. Through his statements and answers the students were able to better understand the viewpoint of someone in the military who was in combat in Afghanistan. He also shared his views on military recruiters and how the military impacted him. He was comfortable and engaging with the students and in the students reflections the following day he was someone that the students clearly enjoyed talking with. I will definitely ask him to come back to speak to my classes every year.”

—Dave Stieber, Chicago Public High School History Teacher


“Rory won’t try to talk your students out of anything, he won’t demean anyone, or shame anyone for their beliefs or choices. After all, many of us have loved ones, including former students, currently in the service. What he will do is talk to your kids about the realities of life in the military, how the War on Terror is being fought, and how his experiences shaped the choices he’s made. Being ex-military myself, I respect why he joined, and how his thinking evolved throughout his enlistment. I also respect the risks he takes, by opening himself to talk to classrooms full of strangers about some extremely difficult topics. This war isn’t going away anytime soon.. and there’s a good chance some of your kids will be fighting it. Fellow teachers, we OWE IT to them, to provide as much information as possible, so that they enlist with “full disclosure,” as Rory says, with their eyes wide open. I wish I had a Rory Fanning speak to me, before I joined the Marines. I probably still would have enlisted, but I would have been much smarter about it. Rory is a valuable resource I hope you take advantage of, in these last weeks of school. It won’t cost your school anything, and each student will receive copy of his book (my last assignment was to read it, this spring), as well the valuable insights Rory gained, by risking his life for you. You say you “support our troops?” Contact Rory! You will not regret it.”

—Lucky Moliviatis, History Teacher, Farragut Career Academy


“We were honored to have Rory Fanning speak at Evanston Township High School and share his story with nearly 2,000 high school students and faculty members. Rory presented students with a much needed alternate narrative of the military experience. Hearing Rory’s perspective and his personal story as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan was meaningful and important for our students. Rory provided kids with first hand knowledge and insightful information, rarely available from mainstream sources. Students were fully engaged as they listened to a humble yet courageous war resister speak from the heart. As our students are deciding their post-secondary plans, they are now able to make better informed choices when confronted by military recruiters.”

—Clare Delgado, Spanish Teacher, Evanston Township High School

Reviews of Worth Fighting For:

“You set out on foot to find things that can be found no other way: your country, yourself, your sense of direction in the most practical and metaphysical selves. In this book Rory Fanning, a young soldier back from the wars, shares the results of his odyssey with those of us who have not walked 3000 miles through wild places and rough weather. His encounters with Americans who might be described as ordinary but are often extraordinary and with himself and the places and their historical backstories make great reading (and maybe most of us are on some version of this quest, whether we know it or not).”

—Rebecca Solnit, author of Wanderlust: A History of Walking

“Rory Fanning’s odyssey is more than a walk across America. It is a gripping story of one young man’s intellectual journey from eager soldier to skeptical radical, a look at not only the physical immenseness of the country, its small towns, and highways, but into the enormity of its past, the hidden sins and unredeemed failings of the United States. The reader is there along with Rory, walking every step, as challenging and rewarding experience for us as it was for him.”
—Neil Steinberg, Chicago Sun-Times

“[Fanning] shows us the imperial and harmful objective of U.S. foreign policy. He shows us the courage to walk away from it, and he shows us a path to a saner society.” —Chicago Tribune

“Fanning combines memoir, travelogue, political tract, and history lesson in this engaging account of his 3,000-mile solo walk from Virginia to California to raise money for the Pat Tillman Foundation….Fanning’s descriptions of the hardships and highlights of the trip comprise the bulk of the book, and he infuses his left-wing politics into a narrative peppered with historical tidbits, most of which describe less-than-honorable moments in American history, such as the terrorist actions of the Ku Klux Klan and the nation’s Indian removal policies. What stands out most, though, is the selflessness and generosity—which come in the form of stories, hospitality, and donations for the foundation—of the people Fanning encountered during his journey.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Blending a story of the road in the tradition of Kerouac with some politics and his search for meaning to a life after battle, Rory Fanning has composed an absorbing narrative. The writing is concise and heartfelt. The experiences he shares reveal something too many of us often forget—that the men and women in the imperial military are more than just uniforms and weapons; more than pawns to be used by a power structure that needs war to survive; and much more than so many uniforms to be manipulated by the media at sporting events and TV specials serving that power structure. The politics are subtle and personal; and ultimately an indictment of that power structure by a man who served it willingly and with conviction—until he came up against its ugly truth.” —CounterPunch

“Partly an evocation of ‘the bloody birth of the nation I now walked through’ and its often troubled history, part memoir of the author’s transformation from conservative Christian soldier to radical atheist and pacifist, part indictment of a foreign policy in which ‘Iraq felt like a bait-and-switch—and a betrayal.’ But mostly it’s about the people he met in the small towns he visited and the encouragement they gave him.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Rory Fanning’s transformation from soldier to peace pilgrim is a moving tale told with passion and eloquence. Long after the shooting stops, the soldiers who fight our wars are too often left to fight their personal battles alone. Fanning transforms his disillusionment with war and the military and strikes out for the country on a timeless journey of discovery. As he he traverses America on foot, he finds the radical heartbeat of a nation and builds bridges to people and places that have been left behind. This is a searing, honest, and ultimately hopeful tale of traveling a road from war to peace and justice.”
—David Goodman, co-author, Standing Up to the Madness

“I recommend [this] book enthusiastically…a tale told with wisdom, erudition, kindness, humor, humility, and generosity of which I think Tillman might have been proud.”
—David Swanson, author of Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union

“[Rory Fanning] walks coast to coast to serve a cause, to find himself, and to imagine a better America fit for all the good people he meets along the way and all the good soldiers lost. His hard journey changes him, and it may change you too.”
—Ann Jones, author of They Were Soldiers: How the Wounded Return from America’s Wars

“Worth Fighting For takes us on a journey that will live inside you long after you finish the book. It is not only the physical journey that you make with Fanning as he walks across the country, but it’s the psychological, political and spiritual journey that you accompany him on as well, as he makes sense of his experience in the U.S. military through the lens of the incredible people and history he interacts with on his trek from the Atlantic to the Pacific. With each step and every page, we experience the evolving clarity of Fanning’s politics, worldview, and purpose in life.”
—Jen Marlowe, author, I Am Troy Davis and The Hour of Sunlight: One Palestinian’s Journey from Prisoner to Peacemaker

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